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(I had ninja'd this review the week before. Get Your War On was the perfect spur to read something - anything other than the webcomic)

Before I start this review, can I ask a question. What is it about bangs? I mean, I can't think of a more unsuitible hairstyle for anyone that might get into combat. You don't want your hair whipping in front of you at the last damn second just when you're sighting on someone. In fact, long hair in general is a serious weak link.


Time to get on with my opinions, eh?


Art is the premise of others to comment on. It didn't wow me, it didn't make me go bleah. The art was sutible for the purpose of the story.


What a good guy Raed is. He practically has the stamp 'Lawful Good' on his forehead. And right alongside that, 'Total Sympathy Magnet'. Considering the story focuses on Raed, it's amazing how little of Raed's sense of self we see. We're encouraged to focus on his virtues, rather than his personality. As an example, when he beats up the first bio in an attempt to save those kids, there doesn't seem to be any compelling reason why he would do that, beyond him being 'good'. I dunno, perhaps he's looking for some more XPs to level up. It's a harsh judgement to make, but Raed doesn't exist, for me, as a character.

The King. This character seems to exude 'good king stereotype'. Either that, or he's a cunning swine. I don't see enough of him to make my mind up about him, to be honest. However, either way, I'm not impressed by him.

The Villagers. Whoa dude! Someone with character! It's possibly rude of me to say so, but I think the villagers, even though they were stereotyped, were much more three dimensional - even to the point of trying to mug Raed after he did in that Monster Bios. Kudos to Felaxx for that.

Ho-hum. See it all before, I'm afraid. Meet the outcast, see the persecution, see the deepening misunderstanding and hatred all on one side, see the virtuous orphan, blah blah blah. Then the Outcast saves the village and the village weither turns on him or lauds him. Next please!

Positive Points to make:

a) Nice point with the village not being the reason why the boy is an orphan. Finally, we're saved from the dreadfully old cliche of the lad watching his parents die in front of him by the villagers.

b) Nicely executed battle. I loved the fight - neither side got off easy. Although everythig seemed to lead up to. and revolve around the fight.

c) Nice progression of time, as seen through the hunters. And nice dodging of the issue how Raed would still fit into his clothing, as he's seemingly already become a 'young adult'. (although I think Geists have it BAD. Puberty for eternity? That would SUCK heinously)

d) VERY nice how everything took place in one isolated volcano type place. That came, for me, completely out of left field.


The comic is done and dusted. If it's goal was to sell me on the Reman Mythology, then I dunno. Nice art, nice fight, but I'm not hooked on the main character from this. I don't want to find out what's happened to him. And that would be what's most important.

If it's goal was for me to enjoy a story, then I enjoyed the fight. Uhh.... that's about it, really.

Pingu rates it: A six-pack.


Now, that was that for Exile from Kiirs. Having a nose around on Felaxx's Gallery, I find that quite a lot of the of the other bits and pieces on the website are bloody good, with interesting (at least, to me) stories.. I'd recomend looking around at the other stuff, and not to judge Felaxx just on this.
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This is an editorial cartoon, and as of such requires a different take than normal webcomics.


Well, it's cut and paste. So, the art doesn't matter at all, nor will I pay any attention to it. It's just there to act as a vehicle for the dialogue.


No doubt if you're an american, you'll have something to say about the content. I won't, as I'm not, and Get Your War On is all about America. The dialogue sounds and feels pretty much like an extended livejournal rant, or a chat room. If it tries to use humour, then I'm afraid it's failed quiet miserably for me.


There are editorial cartoons that get their message across subtly, usually with a nice pinch of humour. Then there are editorial cartoons THAT YELL THE MESSAGE IN YOUR FACE AS YOU ARE CLEARLY TOO DUMB TO WORK IT OUT. Get Your War On falls into the second catagory.

In conclusion

Nah, sorry, I don't see the point of this being put on the web. It's for Americans and by Americans. If it appears in Rolling Stone, then it should stay there.

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I can't repost what I wrote, as I was blushing a fair bit removed it without thought. So let's start again.

Firstly, let me be honest about my biases. I enjoy Manga a lot, and will often forgive a great deal of what other mightn't if it's Manga. And there is cheescake. Something else I like in Manga. I don't expect it, but I like it, so don't expect this to be too objective.

Having said that, I'll re-iterate what I had said before. The introduction to Shifters follows a very predicable path. A VERY predictable path. One that I have seen its' variants of in many, many Manga before. There are little twists and turns, but there's nothing new on the ideas presented in the first three months.

Now then, that's the first three months, and here the story picks up. Shifters is at it's best when the story is around interpersonal interactions. I want to know what is going on with Ferrah and everyone around her. And I like the way that the bonding process is shown to directly colour personalities, instead of 'humans with fur' which I've seen all depressingly too often, so hats off for that.

And yeah, I enjoyed Vamp Squad PI as well. well, I have started to enjoy Vamp Squad PI. At first, I really didn't like them. But since the hospital scene, my respect has picked up.

Hokay, wrap up time. Without someone to point this out to me, I may never had read it. What I mean is, I may have come across it, and not followed-through. Shifters does not attract my attention sufficently. The story gets to be reasonable, but it's never going to be on my list of bookmarks.

Pub Rating: A pint of Caffreys, then it's their round next.
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