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Art: Well...the art varies. Widely. From simplistic shapes, surreal scenery, chariacture, and just about any style, to be honest. Some of it works, some of it doesn't, in my opinion, and some is just...weird. Overall...it's got it's high points, and it certainly has, on occasion, in my opinion, it's low points. Particularly the robots and the parallelograms.

Characters: Well, since this thing is essentially a collection of short...not always stories, but various stand alone strips, for the most part, there aren't really a lot of characters that, once the strip is over, will be seen again. The characters themselves vary from realistic, to silly, to pointless, to just plain stupid, really.

Story: Well, for the most part, there aren't that many. There are, in a way, rather pointless storylines in each, though Meadow of the Damned was a definite exception to this...overall, it's just a hodgepodge of sillyness, political commentary, simple messages, and, on occasion, pointlessness.

Overall: This is a hodgepodge of different strips, and you may find something you like in there, and you may not. Some of them I didn't like, others were mediocre...to me, the best was The Meadow of the Damned, followed by Insomnivore, both of which I liked. Overall...this isn't for everyone, but it's certainly worth a look through, and if nothing else, they're short enough to make reading through them no chore. A 6/10.
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Art: The art for the Japanese Beetle is, overall, quite well done. From giant robots to villains to commissioners...all are drawn well, and, for the most part, distinctively. Of course, there are some exceptions...as already noted, the hero, his girlfriend, and his roomie all tend to look rather a lot alike. Possibly this has something to do with their age group? Nevertheless, for the most part, the art in the Japanese Beetle is quite flawless.

Characters: Well, the Japanese Beetle is a superhero parody, so I suppose it's inevitable that the peronalities aren't going to be the most complex. Yet, if not complex, one would assume that all the characters would be interesting...which is, unfortunately, not always the case. The commissioner and several of the supervillains are rather interesting in their own, briefly exposed ways...the hero, the roomie, and the girlfriend, on the other hand...are not. I've seen a million Japanese Beetles before, in one form or another...dimwit, lazy guys whose tact seems inversely related to their rather high levels of testosterone. After all, they're pretty much the staple of humorous parodies everywhere. The roomie hasn't demonstrated himself to have a personality as of yet, other than a desire to have our hero actually pay his half of the rent on time for once. And, finally, the girl...well, she just seems rather bland and uninteresting. Possibly later on, the roomie and the girl will prove to be somewhat interesting...I've great faith in our hero staying in his already clearly demonstrated path, however.

Story: It's a superhero parody. You've seen them. Overall, it's an average read, occasionally hitting its mark with the humor. The squirrel-y supervillain, the commissioner, amidst other events, did make me snigger every once in awhile...but overall, it didn't really keep me rolling on the floor with laughter or even keep me that interested.

Overall: A somewhat average superhero comic with above average art, it's good enough for a nice read, but nothing special thus far. A 5.5 out of 10.
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Art: The art in Flipside is, obviously, like the comic itself, a work in progress. Overall, it's fairly good art, though the stiffness of the action scenes, which the artist, as per notes, is obviously aware of, and attempting to improve. Beyond the action scenes, a few other things bugged me...the two-dimensional appearance of the Man-eater's sword, for example. Still, overall, a job fairly well done, with an artist that seems to know what they need to improve.

Characters: Well, the ostensibly main character, Maytag, is someone that tends to act meek and mild-mannered ordinarily, but, when donning a jester costume, tends to act brash, confident, and domineering. Unfortunately, said jester costume is almost always on, and it doesn't really go into the transition. Is the suit merely a psychological thing? Is it magic? Or does she simply like to pretend to be meek and demure on occasion, removing the suit to have some fun? It's not really explained, and nor is the sense of mystery heightened. Overall...the characters are mostly realistic, but I'd really like for there to be some more development.

Story: Hmm...the story isn't so bad, I suppose. It does seem a bit bland, thus far, and things often seem a bit stretched...the reasoning usually explained in the notes the author often leaves at the bottom of most pages. It didn't really draw me in or entertain me that much...but it's decent enough, I suppose.

Overall: Flipside is a webcomic that seems to be a bit lost in its development at time, a perception somewhat aided by the notes. However, the notes also give the impression that the artist knows what they're doing wrong, at least to a degree, and are trying to improve. So, for a somewhat average strip that seems to know where it needs to improve, Flipside gets a 6/10.
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Art: Ah, the art! I particularly like the hands and facial expressions, and the way the artist uses only blue and manages to make it look good is also impressive to me. The backgrounds, the people, the weird demonic things...all drawn well. To me, the art is probably the strongest factor to this webcomic.

Characters: Well, there's a fair number of these, but a good number of them are shortly lived, and most of them, thus far, merely exist to further the tale. As such, there only two people that I count as true characters...the two main characters, who are, thus far...rather confusing. First of all, they both have their stereotypes. The guy is the straight-man. The one designated to freak out as weird things happen to him. You know the type. The girl is the weirdo. All the weird stuff happening rolls off her back like a water off of the metaphorical duck's back. Neither are quite realistic...yet they have their own charm, though I suppose it depends on the reader.

Story: Well, it's still early. Thus far, only the mysterious and strange things have started happening, and hopefully we'll get around to some exposition sooner or later. The impression one gets is of chaos and randomness...yet I'm personlly hoping for things to start pulling together to make some sense.

Overall: I like Return to Sender. The art is good, and I'm curious to see what happens next. The characters seem to be a bit static thus far, but hopefully that will change in the not-tto-distant future. As many have pointed out, it's still early in its development, but I hold out hopes for the future of Return to Sender. Taking into account its early stage of development...Return to Sender nets itself a 7/10.
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Art: The art in Jack is a bit rough, though it generally tends to get the point across. I will say that, to me, at any rate, it usually manages to do an excellent job of portraying the mood of the copmic and the emotions of the characters. However, I admit to being somewhat turned off by the oversaturation of sex and violence; to my mind, at least, I would much prefer somewhat lower levels of both.

Characters: The characters fall into two categories...those that are, for the most part, only there for one story, and those that appear in several of the comics. Jack and the other Sins, for example, the child that Jack has taken under his wing, and Jack's one angelic friend fall into the latter section, though often the characters from an Earth sequence will show up in one of the Afterlife sequences. Overall, they seem a fairly well-rounded bunch, saving the Sins who are, understandably, somewhat stereotypical. Overall, a fairly good job is done on this.

Story: Well, there's a lot of these, and most of them are extremely charged with emotional impact. Some of them I liked, some of them I didn't. Overall, the concept interests me, but I found the often graphic nature of Jack to be rather distasteful. Still, working around that, in many ways, Jack is quite interesting, though multiple spelling and grammatical errors do subtract a bit. I like the premise of the story, I like the interesting plot twists, and I enjoy the assorted story arcs, whether the short and often humorous ones or the longer, darker, drawn-out ones.

Overall: I liked Jack in some ways, despite the distaste I feel for some of the scenes portrayed. The premise was, to me, interesting, and Jack himself seems rather interesting. There was, perhaps, a bit too much emotion, and reading Jack in stages might be the best thing for a person. Still, the sometimes crude art, multiple spelling errors, and its graphic nature are, for me, detractors...yet I still find myself interested in what comes next. Overall, I give Jack a 7/10.
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Art: The art was, overall, well done. I wouldn't say phenomenal, but it was clean and well-done, for the most part. Overall, the art neither really drew me or repulsed me...it just was. Better than a lot you see out there, but not the most outstanding.

Characters: Hmm...the characters. The premise was interesting, but, thus far, the characters haven't proven to be that interesting. Mostly believable, in some respects, though in my mind, the main characters do seem to come to grips with what's going on a bit too quickly, though that's a minor quibble overall. They also seem in some ways a bit too cliched...but they serve their purpose.

Story: Well, the story starts with a fairly interesting concept...but it seems to me that at the beginning they sort of skimped on the possibilities. The parents, the interactions with the real world, and so on and so forth...overall, it seems to me that it isn't really living up to its full potential.

Overall: In many ways, I enjoyed Wish3. An interesting premise, fairly good art...it seemed to be all set. Yet...it seems to lack when it comes to actually putting the elements into play, and it seems to me that it could have been a lot better in many ways. Overall, Wish3 nets itself a 6.5/10...and a wish that I could have given it a higher score.
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Art: Whee! Fun art! To be perhaps a bit more precise, the art is stylish, bold, and creative. At least when it comes to the denizens of the fantasy world K'ozmana it is. The humans are pretty much your typical cartoony bunch, unfortunately, but in my mind, the somewhat Seussian characters and scenery of K'ozmana more than make up for that.

Characters: Whee! Fun...alright, I won't start that again. Some of the human characters don't really seem to be that interesting, to be honest. The principal's too much a cliche, always out to make the students as miserable as possible. Admittedly, there are people like that out there, but there are simply too many similarly sadistic principals out there in fiction for it to really be all that interesting. Fortunately, he plays a minor role. Similar is the bully, territorial, violent, and about as bright as a musk ox. The main characters are, thankfully, a bit more well-rounded. Abe, while a typical smart-mouthed kid, shows enough depth and history to still be interesting, as does his friend. The mom's not been shown enough to draw too many conclusions about yet, so I hold my judgement in reserve. On the other hand, like the art, the characters become markedly more interesting, particularly Alabaster. He certainly seems realistic, and does his job without being overly angsty, which, in my opinion, would certainly ruin the mood of the comic.

Story: Ah, well, the story, the story...I've read stories before that seem similar, but Sketchbook's story still holds undeniable charm. It also brings enough originality with it to the table to keep me interested, and while the school/K'ozmana dynamics have minimal thus far, I look forward to some more development there.

Overall: Dammit, as much as unlikely heroes travelling to strange worlds has been done before, I've still got a soft spot in my heart for them, and with Sketchbook's undeniable flair in mind, I give it an 8/10.
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Art: Well, on one hand, the art has a nice, stylized feel to it. Everything seems well done, if not spectacular. The only main gripe is the one that several others have raised up...there's not a huge amount of variation from person to person. It's not a huge flaw or anything, but it does detract slightly.

Story: Well, it's not so much story as stories. A strange amalgation of historical fact and fiction, it was quite interesting...the main flaw being the problem in distinguishing the two. Perhaps it's just me, but I'd like to know just how much of it is documented history, and how much of it is the author's speculation. If it doesn't really matter to you whether it's fact or fiction, then it's certainly interesting, however. The various footnotes that appear later on are somewhat helpful, though I'm not entirely sure how much of these footnotes I should take as fact, much like the rest of the webcomic.

Characters: Well, there's a lot of them, and you won't be seeing many repeat customers. Since it is apparently the author's intent to combine history and speculation, and so, barring a few story arcs, the characters change as he skips from country to country, era to era. The glimpses we get of them are too brief to really pass much judgement upon...but then again, it's all speculation and history.

Overall: Well, it's different. I'd certainly recommend it for a good read, as long as you read it with a grain of salt. Fiction, speculation, and hard historical fact are all jumbled together...and there's some good and some bad to that. Overall, "Teaching Baby Paranoia" nets itself a 8/10 from me.
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Art: The art in Tween was vibrant, detailed, cartoony, and all-around an eye-pleasing piece of work. It does a nice job of conveying the general feel of the comic, and the characters look like the slightly twisted stereotypes they're supposed to be. Probably one of the most immediately impressive bits of Tween, I've no qualms about the art.

Characters: Ah, the charaters, the characters. As already mentioned, these guys are a bunch of stereotypes that've been twisted around slightly. We've got a wizard, an elf, a damsel, a powerful force of evil, and what looks to be a barbarian hero on the horizon. Even if he does think the main character's a troll. However the wizard's a druggie, the elf's varying between amusingly paranoid and hopelessly naive, the damsel's not going to be doing any screaming any time soon...unless it's over or with said barbarian hero...the powerful force of evil is hopelessly out of date, the one true classic remaining, and we'll see about the barbarian hero. Overall, they're not that deep or interesting, but they've enough of a twist to them to keep one's interest, for now at least.

Storyline: Well, the beginning of the story was oddly reminiscent of Chicken Little, for me at any rate. In rushes the elf, gibbering about the return of Bad Mojo with all the vigor Chicken Little displayed towards her falling sky routine. And it's treated with about as much belief by the wizard as most people today would react to the news that the sky was falling. To be precise, none.

Overall: "Tween" looks to be an amusing parody, though we'll see if it's destined to remain just another such parody or whether it'll go on to become something truly noteworthy. 7/10.
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Art: The art was nice, clean, visually pleasing, and seems to go well with the mood of the comic, overall. The comic seems split amongst three different worlds, and all of them seem well-illustrated, showing the rather different natures of the monkey king's world, and the more modern world the other two inhabit.

Story: Well, there are three stories that seem to be, overall, not particularly related to each other. Oh, they share the common bond of the various aspects of Chinese culture, Chinese stereotypes, and actual Chinese life, but beyond these, there doesn't seem to be much of a connection between them. Ordinarily, that would be a bad thing. But here, it isn't. There may yet be some connection between the three in the future, some greater purpose that binds these three together...or it may just be what it seems to be...an interesting, humorous, and just overall, a well-done webcomic offering some interesting insights into what it is, at least in part, to be Chinese.

Characters: In the three different worlds, the characters are all rather different. In the realistic setting, the characters are, overall, quite believable, with all the petty rivalries and subtle (and not-so-subtle) status wars that tend to characterize the lower grades. Not that they don't continue on different levels, mind you...but anyways. In the world of the Chinese stereotype, well, the cliche runs rampant, the stereotype borders on painful...yet it works. And it's still funny. Finally, in the world of the monkey king, the characters are, as befits most legends, suitably underdeveloped, though admittedly funny in areas. The Monkey King has his hubris, the assorted gods have their pride and exclusiveness, and it all goes well with the setting.

Overall: The main problem I have with this comic is that there's not enough. Only the stage has been set....but oh, what a promising stage it is. This webcomic shows a lot of promise, especially considering how little there is to judge. What I've seen, I like, and you can color me thus far impressed. 9/10.
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Art: The art was good, overall. Nothing flashy, mind you, but it got the job done. The style is fairly distinctive, as are the characters portrayed by it. There really isn't a huge amount to say about the art - it didn't particularly draw me to it, but neither did it repulse me as did that of Hutch Owen.

Characters: Well, the characters aren't a particularly mmemorable bunch, mostly fitting into some generalized stereotypes. The most unique thing about them is who they are, and the author manages to make that into another ho-hum detail. Then again, in a comic strip like this, the humor, not the characters, is usually what stand out most.

Story: Well, there wasn't much of a coherent storyline to sink my teeth into, really. As for the humor, a lot of it appears to be hit or miss, and for me, most of it...missed.

Overall: Well, this strip just wasn't for me. It wasn't bad, mind you, or particularly frustrating...just a sort of general feeling of, "I'm sure there's people that would find this funny...I'm just not one of them" while reading this strip. For a strip like this, humor is usually the saving grace...and for me, it just wasn't present. A 3/10.
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Art: The art, as it has been noted, is crude. Frankly, I didn't care for it at all, regardless of the possible intent of the author for using it. To me, it was unappealing, if functional, and definitely not something that would inspire me to continue reading.

Story: Well, it is in its earlier stages of development...but, well, it doesn't really seem like it's going anywhere. For the most part, it seems like a rather pointless monologue on society...and there are better out there. If someone's going to start discussing society's problems...I like to be at least entertained.

Characters: Well, there's not a whole heck of a lot of character development going on here, to be honest. The characters are rather unrealistic for the most part, which is, I suppose, the author's point...

Overall: I had to force myself to finish reading this. Perhaps it'll eventually go somewhere or get interesting...but thus far, I remain unimpressed. It failed to entertain or otherwise keep my interest, and for that, it nets itself a 1/10.
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Art: Well, there's art, and then there's art. The actual drawing is not, perhaps, the most beautiful, but the style is quite functional, and the originality certainly deserves some mention. And it works well, don't get me wrong. The characters are distinct, and a fair job is done portraying the various scenery. However, what's of interest to me was the presentation of said art, which is an art in and of itself. While a bit iffy in places, the animations do, for the most part, an admirable job in keeping one's eye focused on the story. Perhaps not the most complex piece of work out there, but I found the overall effect quite pleasing. And, of course, I was certainly impressed with the originality of the concept.

Story: This is, of course, the main focus of Vicious Souvenirs, beyond the unique style of presentation. The plot is complex, or at least, so we trust...judging from the number of obscure comments made by assorted characters, at any rate. I'm personally quite looking forward to the final unveiling of what's been going on here. At first, we get a general sense of Wikkid, Diesel, Mr. Closer, and their varied associates as being the 'good guys', albeit, ones of a rather untraditional sort...and then, as Dorian and Wikkid have their differences, a new question arises: is Dorian Closer misguided, or does Wikkid lack vision? As we continue down this road, questions like this continue to arise...one thing is certain, though...'good guys' isn't likely to be a label that can really be thrown onto anyone in this strip...or at least, that's the impression given. Overall, this was, to me, Vicious Souvenirs' greatest strength.

Characters: Like the story, these are complex. Unfortunately, barring Dorian and Wikked, with Diesel to a lesser degree, not too much attention has been focused on the others in the comic, though the impression is still left that they are real people, with very real issues of their own. This comic is, however, rather obviously more focused on the story than its characters...which isn't to say they're really lacking, as such...but you do get the sensation that some more detailed information about the other characters would be good. Overall, however, I have really few complaints...the mysteriousness of the characters does go well with the plot.

Overall: Vicious Souvenirs was an experience for me, and one I'd reccomend to just about anyone. If you're looking for a light-hearted read, well, this certainly isn't it. But I found it to be intriguing, gripping, and, most importantly to me, original. And it's a good original. When you come up with something original, it's either really good, or really bad...and I'd say that this is definitely a case of the former, not the latter. I give Vicious Souvenirs a 9/10.
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Art: The art is good. It's not cartoony, it's not anime, and it's a fairly nice change from some of the art styles I've seen out there. It's not the most visually stunning, per se, but it's nice and does a good job of getting the mood across to those reading the webcomic.

Story: The story...is good. It's not great, but it's pretty good. It'll keep your attention, most likely, though the stories aren't the sort that'll keep with you all that long. Entertaining, but not spectacular.

Characters: Ah, the characters. Sebastian that talking cat may not be entirely original, but he's certainly amusing, and has risen to the occasion every now and then. This cast isn't what you might call incredibly original, but they do keep nicely in their roles, with few abrupt changes or things that seem wildly inappropriate. I found several pieces of character development to be quite interesting...and the characters do, for the most part develop. Overall, quite satisfactory.

Overall: A good webcomic well worth the time to read. It's not the greatest thing out there, it's not extraordinary...but it's certainly a few cuts above many webcomics out there. I'll give it a 7.75/10.
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In Elf Only Inn, the art is average, the stories all but non-existent, and the characters as deep as a parking lot puddle, for the most part. However, as others have noted, that's not what Elf Only Inn is about.

Elf Only Inn is geared towards a very specific group of people - people who role-play in chat rooms. And, to a lesser extent, it also applies to those of us in the Dream. Goku666's behavior is often far too reminiscent of some roleplayers I've seen out there...

At any rate, if you role-play in chat rooms, then this is your webcomic. If you're a part of the Dream or something similar, then it's definitely worth taking a look at. But for those who don't...

To my mind, the one true flaw of Elf Only Inn is the narrowness of it's focus. The chances are, though, that if you're reading this, you'll probably enjoy it. So, for those for whom it's intended, it gets a 9/10. For everyone else, it probably comes to 5 or 6/10.
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Art: If you like manga, chances are, you'll like Kagerou. It's not phenomenal at first, but it does steadily improve, and I've found myself very impressed with some of the quality of the art recently. The characters are distinctive, the faces well done...my only gripe was that for quite awhile, I was convinced Kano was a girl...

Story: Let's get down into the meat of the matter. The story at first may not seem exceptional...guy comes from our world into a world of magic, has to get a magic sword to save the princess from evil person bent on conquering the world. However...it is anything but. First of all, the guy's straight out of the mental hospital. Second of all, he seems to have MPD...though as events prove, that may or may not be the case... It's humorous and ridiculous at times, dark and brooding at others...I'm hooked, frankly. Not to mention deeply confused at times...

Characters: The characters...are interesting. We have one crazy person straight out of the mental ward, as previously mentioned, a sadistic and powerful alter ego, and yet another alter ego that abhorrs violence, and appears to be six or seven in age mentally. All of which isn't helping our dubious hero's sanity. Then we have an 'ancient one', who likes Kano, and may or may not be an entirely good...gal, one overly-heroic fae hero by the name of Nick...and much more. I found the characters believeable and intriguing...but perhaps I just like a webcomic where the main character's straight out of a mental ward.

Overall: I've been a fan of Kagerou for a long time, and have always liked the art, the characters, and, well, everything about it. I'm hooked. I admit it. I love the little foxes that jumped out of Kano's hair (who inspired the headfoxes), I like Kid's playfullness, I like the dynamics of Kano, Red, and Kid's relationship (such as it is)... I give it a 9/10.
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Well, I obviously can't review this as I would an ordinary webcomic. The art is clip art, taken from other sources, there are no characters that last more than one strip, and the closest thing that ever happened to a story was when one of the strips referred to one of the previous ones in a poor attempt at humor involving breaking the fourth wall. So art, story, and characters would be all getting zero, zero, zero, since they don't have any.

Some of the strips are perhaps amusing, but frankly, you can find good jokes elsewhere and get a storyline to go along with it. If you want a webcomic that may or may not entertain you, no message, and almost no irredeemable traits...tada. You've found your webcomic. For everyone else, though, I'll have to go with a 2/10 for being mildly amusing at times.
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Art: Well, what can we say? The art did the job, though it wasn't particularly dazzling, either. Early in the beginning, there were quite a number of small mistakes, but the artist has been improving. Overall, the art is good, but not particularly impressive.

Story: The story doesn't really stand out to me in any way. It's consistent, and it has a few moments, but overall, it's not dazzling. There are very few twists and turns, and while it served to hold my attention, it certainly didn't spark my interest.

Characters: The characters, just like the art and the story, don't particularly stand out to me. Oh, they're solid, fairly well-rounded characters, but they fail to entertain me.

Overall: This is an average webcomic. It's not a bad webcomic, per se, but it's just not all that interesting. There's no big mysteries, perhaps a few clever witticisms, and a dearth of great insight. This webcomic may spark some people's interest, but for me, it was drearily average. 6/10
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Art: The art in 1/0 is not the world's most impressive, not by a long shot. Shading is, for the most part, nil, the characters drawn simplistically, as is the scenery. Overall, definitely below average stuff, in my opinion.

Characters: Well, these aren't the most complex people you'll see around the place, at least at first. They eventually wind up being themselves after awhile, but, overall, this isn't the most original bunch of characters I've ever seen.

Story: The story is...different. Hard to say if that's a good thing or a bad thing. At the beginning of the comic, the storyline is pretty much nonexistent. Just your usual, barely funny junk. However, after awhile...the story solidifies. This webcomic has a beginning and an end, and I get the impression that the artist had little to no idea what it was going to turn into at the beginning. Yet as the characters break out of their molds, blackmail the artist, and develop fourth walls...the whole thing turns into a rather philisophical piece.

Overall: When I first started reading this, I must admit that I was wondering why anyone would recommend this webcomic. It seemed below average, unoriginal, and not really worth my time. Yet, as I read on, more out of a sense of obligation to do a good review than any real interest, I found that it was becoming something...more. The relationship between the author and his characters wasn't exactly unique at first...but then, when one of the characters developed a fourth wall...it suddenly became more interesting. It goes on from there...changing from below average to something that I believe to be truly original. At the beginning, the artist might not have known what he was doing, but when it hit it's stride, I found myself impressed. Overall, if you can get past the unoriginal beginning segment, and start getting into the meat of this webcomic...it's certainly worth a read. 7/10
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Art: The art is very nicely done in this webcomic. I was impressed, and as others have stated before me, the beginning scenes with the fish were certainly eye-catching. Definitely above average, if not the best out there.

Story: Well, there's no save-the-world heroics in this webcomic; rather, it's a short story dealing with very understandable emotions and origins for those emotions that I think most of us can certainly emphathize with. This webcomic is, as I've said, short, as such, there's not a huge amount of complexity to it. Nevertheless, it's rather satisfying, though I would have liked it to go on longer.

Characters: The characters...well, there's not enough time to see them fully develop, but they certainly seem like very real people. I wish I could say more here, but this webcomic is only a quick glimpse into the lives of these two, and as such, doesn't really bring all the working of their minds to light. And yet, even though this was only a short glimpse, it seems a perfect snapshot of the lives of two rather odd friends.

Overall: This is a good webcomic. I usually don't like webcomics like this, but nevertheless, 'Same Difference' managed to grab my interest and disappoint me when it ended, and I give it due kudos for that. 9/10
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Art: No complaints in this division, Magic Inkwell is an extremely surreal webcomic, filled with metaphors symbolism, and the cartoony style does an admirable job of portraying that. Perhaps others might prefer a more realistic type of art for such a surreal webcomic, I on the other hand, think it fits right on in.

Story: Well, there is little to no story. That does not hinder this webcomic in any way, however, since this isn't about the story. It's about the life of the cartoonist, about poetry, about emotions...and using symbolism and metaphor to do it with.

Characters: Well, the characters aren't all that important in the grand scheme of things. For one thing, they represent ideas, concepts, people in the creator's life...and the creator himself.

Overall: This is not your typical webcomic, by any means. It's strange, surreal, and some people might not understand it. However, it offers some thought-provoking insights, spiced with a little humor, and a peek into the artist's own life. As I said, this comic's not for everyone, but I found myself able to enjoy it's surreal messages. 9/10.
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Art: The art is well-done, functional, and gets the job done. Not incredibly impressive, but it's certainly easy on the eyes.

Story: Well, there is a story, of sorts...in broadly the same way that Clan Bob has a story. Or not. Unlikely things just randomly happen, mostly used to convey inside jokes. Deep, no, funny...sometimes.

Characters: ...yes, they're there...sort of...rather, they, like the plot, are present more to convey the jokes than anything else. Frankly, the landlord is more memorable than anyone else in the comic...and when the crazy git seems more intriguing than the main characters, there's a problem, I'd say.

Overall: I liked Ghost Cat, I really did. It was rather amusing overall, and a pretty good read, but that's really not enough. Perhaps one day the maker will more fully develop the characters and make the storylines have some long-term effects...but until then, I'm afraid that Ghost Cat recieves from me a 4/10.
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Art: Well...frankly, I don't much care for the art. I have nothing against realism, but it didn't seem to be particuarly well drawn far too often for my liking. Admittedly, the artist is improving, but it still doesn't impress me.

Characters: The characters...I couldn't really seem to emphasize with them. Perhaps if they were given time to develop...as it stands, they don't entertain me, or make me feel very sorry for them. And without looking at the character page, you'll be in the dark about what precisely is going on...and, in my opinion, that shouldn't be necessary in a webcomic.

Storyline: It's hard for me to judge this, since it really hasn't had much time to really develop. From what I've seen, though...they seem to hurry through the storylines far too fast to let the story come across right, or develop the characters correctly. You just get hurled into the middle of this collection of various messed up people, with little or no explanation of what's going on or what's wrong with these people, or, well, anything.

Overall: It's got an interesting concept behind it, but until they take the time to go back, and extend the storylines to allow for some decent character development and more thorough storylines, I can't reccomend this webcomic. (4/10)
Fri Aug 29 2003 07:44 PM | Read All Reviews for this title

Art: I like the art of Zebra Girl, it's a nice change from the anime-heavy styles out there. The black and white look works, and as Benor mentioned, the contrast is often startling, though I personally like it.

Characters: The characters seem to start out somewhat stereotypical, but later on develop more fully, as the comic makes the shift from the ridiculous to the more serious. I liked the fact that they were more than the stereotypes that they portrayed, and seemed to have more facets than was orignally apparent.

Plot: The plot started out somewhat banal, though funny, though it swung early on to being more serious, though that edge of humor that was there at the beginning is still present at times.

Overall: I've been reading Zebra Girl for some time now, and it's one of my favorites. I like the art, and used it as a reference early on to develop my own style. Zebra Girl's not my absolute favorite webcomic, but it's up there. Nine out of ten.
Thu Aug 21 2003 02:10 PM | Read All Reviews for this title

Art: The art is very nice, well done, with bright colors and expressive faces. It might not be the most spectacular I've ever seen, but it fits the comic

Characters: Ah, what's life without a henchman? The dynamics of the characters doesn't change much, but that's all right, really. It's not because they're boring people, really, it's just that they're all so convinced that they're right, and as such, don't need to change. All except the loyal henchman Nodwick, who keeps plugging away simply because he's a henchman. Overall, they're very much their own person, and as such can get away with not changing.

Storyline: Well, since I've only read the online version, I can only commment upon that. A lot of them are simply one shots, while the actual story arcs are rather on the short side. Nevertheless, Nodwick isn't meant to be a big story-driven webcomic, depending rather on gags and group interaction.

Overall: A good piece of work, quite entertaining, especially for those that enjoy good roleplaying humor. It's a nicely done, well-executed webcomic that stays true to its spirit. If you want melodrama, go elsewhere, but for a lightspirited and entertaining webcomic, you need go no farther than Nodwick.
Fri Aug 15 2003 09:06 PM | Read All Reviews for this title

Well, as has already been mentioned, this is a hard one to judge. It's less like a webcomic and more like illustrated excerpts from a diary, to be honest. The art is pretty terrible, and navigating it was a bit...odd. There's no real coherent storyline to it, just telling - very quickly - various things that happened in this girl's life. The characters all change, except for the girl herself...yet the stories are told in such a way that it could really be anyone.

And that, I suppose, is the secret to Traced. It could be anyone. It could be someone you know, it could even be you, if you happen to be female. The art is bad enough that it could really be anyone, the stories are nonspecific enough that it could be happening to anyone...

So, overall, I'm not sure if these are this comic's strengths or weaknesses. It fails, as far as I'm concerned, as a traditional webcomic...but as a peek into someone else's life that could be almost anyone...I wouldn't say fantastic, but it's good in that regard. Definitely not for everyone, though, and it certainly wasn't for me.

I'll give it six out of ten wobbling wombats.
Mon Jul 28 2003 04:08 PM | Read All Reviews for this title

Artwork: THe artwork is beautiful. As Catty and several others have noted, there seems to be a trace of a Disney influence, as well as that of anime...but it's a very nice and unique style, the characters' faces are very expressive...all in all, I have no regrets in giving this strip's artwork...

...ten out of ten Astounding Accolades.

Story: The story is interesting, and it's nice to see Chinese mythology as the background to this tale, rather than the more common Japanese, Greek, English, and American mythologies that usually pop up in webcomics. Altogether, a refreshing change.

Ten out of ten Sizzling Sasquatches.

Characters: The characters didn't stand out quite as much to me as the rest of this webcomic did, though the beautiful artwork did make them stand out in my mind. If it had been purely a matter of their dialogue, it wouldn't, to my mind, be exceptional, but the expressions shown on their faces help to make up for that.

Nine out of ten Crimson Crusaders.

Overall: Gorgeous artwork, a detailed storyline...perhaps slightly deficit when it comes to the character department, but overall, a great comic strip. I give it...

Nine point five out of ten Oscillating Oreos.
Thu Jul 24 2003 06:57 AM | Read All Reviews for this title

Art: The art is fairly good, nothing spectacular, but it suits the mood of the strip fairly well. I did notice the expressions were all rather similar, as were the poses, for the most part.

Six out of ten Acclaimed Accents

Story: The story...it's not so much the content, but the way it's told...the story itself is not, perhaps, the most impressive, but it's filled with some of the blackest humor the world has ever known...

Eight out of ten Scribbled Scones

Characters: Like the story, the characters are not the most impressive, nor are they deep characters who slowly develop as they go along...but they are evil, in so many ways. From apathetically evil to violently evil to just plain evil. Like the story, they are blacker than sin, and absolutely hilarious...if you like black humor.

Eight out of ten Chromatic Crystals

Overall: The story, art, and characters are perhaps not the most impressive, but the cynicism, petty evils, and dark absurdity makes up for it. For all those that love black humor, the blacker the better, this is your comic.

Seven out of ten Octarine Opposites.
Sun Jul 13 2003 01:09 PM | Read All Reviews for this title

I'll say right off the bat that this is the type of comic strip I enjoy, so my review may be favorably influenced by that.

Art: Well, they used occasionally used different art styles in the strip, so it's not exactly easy to give this a straight rating...I thought that all the different styles were quite well done, though the style used for the Civil War story arc was a bit too sketchy for my liking.

Seven out of ten Acoustic Albatrosses

Storyline: The goals and objectives are rather simplistic. Aliens, vampires, evil government conspiracies...yet all of these are, while being a parody of other things, much deeper than they first appear.

Eight out of ten Stereotypical Stenographers

Characters: The characters start out as two-dimensional people, rather like the storyline...and like the storyline, quickly become deeper and more complex. It's not [idespite the stereotypes they resemble, it's because of the stereotypes they resemble that they grow so complex...


"How could you defy your own personalities?"

"People change."

Eight out of ten Charred Clickers

Overall: The art was done well, and both the characters and storyline intrigued me...I'll definitely keep reading this one.

Eight out of ten Overbearing Oxen
Sun Jul 06 2003 09:47 AM | Read All Reviews for this title

Art: The art was very well done, and reflected the mood of the comic well. The cover proclaimed that this was pulp, and the style fits in nicely with that.

Nine out of ten Artistic Apples.

Story: The story was short, but to the point, with no loose ends. It's not necessarily my sort of story, but it's very well done, with no nagging questions left at it's conclusion. An excellent short story.

Nine out of ten Scintillating Scones

Characters: The characters were as about as complex as the length of the story, and you don't get the sensation that they skimped on the personalities at all. They may seem a bit calloused, but that also fits in with the tone of the story.

Eight out of ten Colliding Colloids

Overall: An excellent piece, especially considering it's length. This isn't the type of webcomic I tend to like, preferring fantasy and sci-fi most of the time, but I have to admit that it's well-done in almost every aspect.

Nine out of ten Oozing Ovals
Tue Jul 01 2003 02:52 PM | Read All Reviews for this title

Art: I'd say that the art was excellent. It was well-done, clean, and it was easy to understand what was going on, for the most part.

Nine out of ten Amazing Architects

Story: A lot of the story, especially the background, seemed rather contrived, and it was rather cliche, for the most part. It was, admittedly, only a short story, but I think ther could have been a lot more done with it.

Three out of ten Sinister Scorpions

Characters: Eh...pretty shallow, for the most part, no lurking secrets in the pasts of these characters, there seems to be almost no depth. I can excuse some of that simply because this was a short story, but I feel that there could have been a lot more depth to the characters.

Two out of ten Cryptic Commandos

Overall: The art impressed me greatly, and I can add on a couple of points since this is only a short story. But the story and characters brought this down, making this only an average read, I'm afraid.

Five out of ten Orange Octagons
Fri Jun 27 2003 08:24 AM | Read All Reviews for this title

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