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of Bored and Evil by Robert Koch

Art: Bright but dull. The backgrounds are pretty much different blocks of color, and the characters always stay in one position-the only things that seem to change are their facial expressions. While this comic doesn't call for a lot off action, it does need more variety.

Story: Not applicable. This is a gag a day strip, with only short little story arcs that get resolved in the sitcom way.

Characters Rather unsavory people that we don't really care about. We have 'the mean one', 'the stupid one,' 'the stoned one' and 'the fourth guy.' That's about all we really get for their personalities, and there's no development past that. I learned more about them from the cast page than I did from the entire archive to date.

Writing: From what I saw, it boils down to random humor or "mess with Joe for fun." Unfortunately, it rarely works. A lot of the random stuff is just that-random. It's not really funny. And after the first few times Jake messes with Joe, Joe changes from being a new roommate into the butt of most jokes. It's rather sad, and still not that funny.

Overall: Very disappointing. "Bored and Evil" makes me bored and evil, and I doubt that can be calle a success. 2 out of 10
Review by Benor Sun Dec 19 2004 03:41 PM

Charectors: How do i describe the charectors in this comic? let's start with this:
They are boring, cliched, boring, idiotic, selfish, boring, ignorant, and boring.
four roommates living.... somewhere, in something, sit around, and do nothing. wooo excitment! they are never seen leaving the same 3-4 panals, which never change except for the ocasional couch.
charectors range from rip offs from Friday the 13th, to a terrible rendition of Jesus, to gay bikers to "Dubya" who is another lame copy and paste image of George Bush.

Art: The art is better than some, and is definiltly the best part of the entire comic. all the chars have a unique pallet that in some cases even changes from comic to comic. the art is rarely indictive of copy and paste style art, with good facial expresions, and other than the backgrounds a variety of interesting colours.

Story:non-existant. This does happen in other strips as well, however, in this instance it strikes me like the writer is trying to create a story, starts on an arc than gives up. With a few self referential comics back to earlier strips it gives indication about things that have happened in the past. but anything meaningful or anything that might affect how the charectors might react to a situation is quickly lost. (ex. "hey this food has razer blades in it." "ohhh gimme!" next strip "this drink has poison in it" "oooh gimme!")

Layout: Simple 3-4 plain panel layout, news section on home page, the usual navagation icons, links to extras cast etc. nothing new from other strips, except lack of background in strips, this may change over time however.

Overall: A dud, uninteresting charectors, bland stories, lame jokes. The only redeming quality is the art, but it is not near enough. It is still relativly new, however, i do not plan to continue to read it to see if it improves. 2.5/10
Review by Jordin The Learned Thu Dec 16 2004 02:18 AM

Let's try something different.

The first comic sets us up with the two main characters and the horribly lazy art. Are they outside or indoors? It's obvious that the two main characters (names not yet revealed) have been drawn with a computer, what with the only difference between panels is fat-guy's hands, eyebrows, mouth and hair, which turns white when he sees a monster. Wasn't that joke used up in the seventies?

Pot humor! So I guess they are indoors, seeing as how the sink wouldn't just connect to the sky. Speaking of which, shouldn't there be some kind of transition to let us know whether what's-his-name is moving between rooms or people are coming to him? And there's that white hair again.

Okay, so the title calls the guy in the hockey mask "Jake." That's a late start, but okay. It's a bit hard to tell what the wolf-man is referring to. I figured it was the scary music from Friday The Thirteenth, but he could be just laughing stupidly. Anyway, weak joke.

Fat-dude has a new shirt. I never ever watched Buffy, so the joke doesn't hit me at all.

This isn't shocking anymore. Japan has other things that are weird, you know.

But... I thought it said in the lease... Oh, never mind. Anyway, Joe (finally his name!) has not really demonstrated thus far any sort of stupid behavior, and the characters are acting like he has some amazing track record. And now Joe is suddenly as stupid as Fighter from 8-bit in a joke that's way too set-up and dull to be funny, with Jake acting as Black Mage. Can you guess whether I like this or not?

And, they jump on the trend of jumping on trends. How will this turn out?

Putting together random elements does not automatically make something funny, you nerd.

Again, only this time it taps into the power of monkeys, because they're so gosh-darn funny! And vampires! And sex! And breakdancing! Who would have ever thought of that?

NOT FUNNY. Doesn't even really make sense. In what context would Jesus be a movie monster anyway? And scary? Sure, he got the crap kicked out of him in that movie, but reaching this far this early for a joke should tip you off that maybe you should quit.



Look! It's good ol' Conceptual Switcheroo! How ya doin?

A fat joke? We're getting totally serious now.

This makes no sense at all. First he denies it, then defends it, then um yeah

Notice the lower-right corner. This is a guest writer. That means the comic may be slightly funny.

Never mind. This guy's horrible with punctuation, as well as using 8-bit style jokes.

See, setting people up is funny because they didn't really do it. Some context would be nice, though, like who the other guy on the line is.

Hey, Conceptual Switcheroo! How's your family?

A sex joke and Transformers joke rolled into one? I think we're dealing with a jenious here.

By the way, I never watched Transformers either.

Oh, I get it! Jehova's Witnesses are like zombies! Ah ah ah!


Why can't we ever see these scenes? Oh yeah, because talking heads are the funniest.

See, Joe's stupid because he thinks Van Helsing's a good movie. I hear he likes White Chicks and Catwoman as well.

Okay, I got it the last time. Stop already.

Good God, can this comic possibly become even more pathetic? Her horrible accent turned me away.

Nope. Didn't see that comin'.

Pasting a random celebrity's head into your comic does not humor make. Oh, and the allusions toward random violence don't either. What's with the overalls and potato sack?

A good rule to follow for referrential humor is that it should be funny enough for a person not familiar to the source material to laugh. This comic has no such rule.

Neither is the comic.

Did this actually manage to be less funny than your average political cartoon?

Wait, isn't this in August?!

A legitimate question is answered by a random 8-bit inspired punchline. I died a little inside.

Didn't see that one coming either.

Here lies humor. 4000 B.C. - 2004 A.D. RIP



This is getting even more super-bad.

Gosh, he sure changed his mood fast. And he's the convenient butt of almost every joke. How wonderful!

Is it possible to have a moratorium on random violence?

Okay. Joe's a loser. I get it. Again.

So, Conceptual Switcheroo, how's that new job treatin' you?

The... wonderful... dragon... of... Grandma...?

Looks like the author can%t do punctuation&

By itself, this joke would be a bit funny, but I've been numbed to the point of laughing by now.

You don't look so good, Conceptual Switcheroo! Was it something you ate?

this would have actually been funnier without that last word balloon. I mean, OBVIOUSLY...

Hey, are you feeling any better, Conceptual Switcheroo? You didn't look so hot last night.

He looks more like Indiana Jones from the tomb of the lost punchline.

I looked into the future and saw this comic. My psychic powers are much more of a burden than a blessing.

Why did Joe use holy water in the first place...?

I'm surprised the Homer Simpson-costume didn't like Duff. The comic should be even less funny.

This new character is actually a bit refreshing from the boring stoner-do nothing cast. Will he last?

I just discovered that a man's initial reaction to a hot woman can be to lose a sense of smart, and it may be funny. Seems like the author did, too.

Like he'd know what girls want. Plus, lame inserted movie line!


Some people have opened up their hearts to me like this. They're retards.

How does that work? Why did he try to... oh nevermind. Allusions are funny if there's a reference to get.

Really, do we need to exagerrate further? It would only make it more funny. Really!

See, sometimes I can't think of something funny to say either.

It is revealed to me that Creed sucks. Who knew?

(Insert celebrity here) doesn't work for me. Neither do lame punchlines.

Who's Neal Boortz?

Joe may have just realized the entire situation he's been in all this time. Plus, pasted celebrity-head! Of Bush! Surprise!

Aw, do we have to?



Er, anyone else notice how Jesus is drawn the exact same way every time?


Is this guy Mexican or something?

Okay. I get it. Joe's the most pathetic person on Earth. And it's not funny. Know why? Because there's no variation in his behavior. How is it ironic if we expect this sort of crap from him? Never mind that there is no realistic strand in this story (or the comic in general, really) that would make us relate to this in any way.

Why's he naked?

I think the author must have Down's Syndrome or something like it, since this is the third-most retarded comic I've seen on the web. I'm not joking.

(Insert random chick here)

Sadly, the author really cannot do better than that.

And it only took a day.

Probably the funniest joke in the entire comic. I'm crying.

Or maybe this one is. At least it doesn't offend my mind.

And we're back to stupid things tht aren't funny and make no sense. What's the reason for Joe to eat fish eggs out of a toilet bowl? The author is missing something.


Really, there is nothing good about this comic. Joe is a broken character, plain and simple. His actions have no rhyme or reason, but aren't bizarre enough to elicit any sort of reaction other than a deep migraine. This is not ironic. This is not surreal. This is not crazy. Furilius told me not to use the word 'suck' in a review, as that would be an insult to the author's artistic effort. The problem is that no effort or artism was involved in the making of this comic. The art is copy-and-pasted images over and over again. The jokes could only come from the mind of a boring 14-year-old or a sped. I know people that can think of at least one funny thing to say every day, if not every hour or even every minute! I can confidently say that even I'm funnier than this guy. There is not one iota of artistic effort in writing or drawing, and it hasn't (and won't) improve at all.

So I feel that I can say with confidence and aplomb that this comic SUCKS. Because it does.
Review by Cobra Mon Dec 13 2004 04:26 PM

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